Collab Writing Game - Newest Posts Welcome to Collab, a collaborative writing game. The Case Of The Harvest Festival... continued Posted by hairylarry on 2019-10-06 at 17:41 Central Time - Mathius said, "And how did my maps get here? I know Marantha didn't take them." Just then the adventurers walked through the door looking a little bit tired of being regaled. Everyone looked up and a hush fell over the room. Once again the witch put her finger beside her nose. "Maybe our heroes can help us solve this mystery." The Case Of The Harvest Festival... continued Posted by vivian on 2019-10-06 at 17:33 Central Time - The sheriff shook his head and the confused look on his face told the others he was as perplexed as they were. "This is the craziest thing I've ever investigated," Slykver said. The witch raised her eyebrows and glancing around the group admitted rather reluctantly that she too was confounded. "I can't say that I see anything particularly telling in this hodgepodge, but I feel that there must be something that connects the items or maybe there is more than one thief and each chose something that was conveniently available." "But who would think a cat's milk dish was worth taking," Mavis interjected. "What's even less understandable they took my corsets. When the shouts of laughter died Mavis glowered and informed the group that it wasn't a laughing matter. The Case Of The Harvest Festival... continued Posted by hairylarry on 2019-10-05 at 13:52 Central Time - Milathia was visiting her sister, Marantha, at the Apothecary Shop. While they chatted the witch was looking over Marantha's small collection of magic items. Mavis Goodbody barged in mumbling to herself. "Stuff missing here, stuff missing there, a ring, a knife, someone even took my cats milk dish. Makes no sense." "What's that," said Marantha, "Someone took your cat's milk dish?" "And that's not all." said Mavis. But before she could finish Sheriff Slykver and Mathius came in arguing about the maps. "They were just hand drawn maps in a tube." said Mathius, "Nothing special about them." "There she is," he said and walked over to Milathia. "Tell the Sheriff about my maps." Before she could speak the witch piped in. "Do you mean these maps? I was wondering what they were doing in the magic items. Ain't nothing magical about them." "My maps!", said Mathius. "Now how did they get there?" "Maps, a ring, a knife, and a milk dish." said the witch laying her finger beside her nose. Moon Pies Delight the Eyes Posted by vivian on 2019-09-26 at 13:36 Central Time - When I was a child Moon Pies were a treat that couldn't be beat. I could even make my own if I wanted to. All I needed was some graham crackers, a couple of marshmallows and a chocolate bar and I was in business. In those days a bonfire, a long stick and a package of hot dogs often preceded the gooey goodness of the Moon Pie. By the end of the meal we were usually covered in ketchup and marshmallow-chocolate goo. Mothers would shake their heads and bemoan the effort it was going to take to get us cleaned up and dads just grinned and remember when it was them. Life seemed simple then, of course I was probably 10. Now it seems the hot dog comes in a cardboard tray and you eat it on your way to the next stop and hope the dog does not make a mess on your new dress.Moon pies are round, wrapped in plastic and come from the store. Makes me miss those days before everything was labeled and bought at the store. Crabby Apples Make Angry Pies... continued Posted by vivian on 2019-09-15 at 12:57 Central Time - That's the truth, but I'm sure there are worse things to step in or on. For instance the rather prickly cactus can help you create a rather interesting new dance step but you will take little pleasure in the accomplishment. Mostly Kind Of Like That... continued Posted by vivian on 2019-09-06 at 16:10 Central Time - The hat on my head keeps me dry but his doesn't even try. It's a sad thing that his hat has lost it's T and it's mostly just a ha! If you can't keep your Ts then it's best to wear a cap. So now you see that this is even better than that. A Question Of Balance... continued Posted by vivian on 2019-09-05 at 21:02 Central Time - I woke suddenly and wondered when I had fallen asleep. Checking the observation ports I came to the realization that I was still alone and there was no sign of a another ship. I couldn't let myself panic yet. Fortunately I still have water and food rations but they will eventually run out. If I keep spiraling out will I eventually go so far out that if they come they will not find me? I must have fallen asleep again. There's nothing quite like a bright light for getting your attention. Where am I? Right! I'm still on this God forsaken ship. What was that light? Where did it come from? All of a sudden I'm filled with anxiety and hope. Should I look out to see if the ship has arrived or do I wait until they message me? I'm not sure anymore. If I could just get out of this bunk maybe the answer would come to me. I woke up again with a buzzing in my ear. Now what! The Case Of The Harvest Festival... continued Posted by vivian on 2019-08-29 at 16:19 Central Time - "Sheriff a moment of your time if you will," Mathius said. "I need your help." Slykver raised his eyebrows, "How can I help you?" "I've discovered that someone has taken a tube of maps I have drawn over the years." "I can't say they are valuable to anyone else but me, but someone must have thought they were or why take them?" "How strange." Slykver frowned as he rubbed his chin. "Llewellyn just announced that she had a ring disappear." "Something is definitely wrong in Milyagon" Mathius said shaking his head. Before he could continue a shout came out for the sheriff from a giant of a man striding across the commons. His face told the sheriff he was angry and it was confirmed by a demand to know what the sheriff was going to do about the theft of his favorite knife. "It was right here in my sheath and now it's gone," he snarled. "It just ain't right to steal a man's knife." "Did you see who took it," Slykver asked? "Didn't see nothin, feel nothin, it's just gone!"